vineri, 24 iulie 2009

10 characteristics of a point of view

Have a fresh point of view!

To stand out in a clutter, noisy, skeptical world wee need a singular perspective – a point of view – that distinguishes us and helps people better understand our companies and products.
A point of view sets you apart, speeds understanding and provokes conversations.

1.Engaging: evokes the response: “That’s interesting. Tell me more” – starts conversations rather than just informing

2.True: to be supported with facts, trend information, etc. The more evidence is to support point of view, the greater the likelihood that people will accept it as credible

3.Relevant: the more relevant the idea is to the intended audience, the more interested people will be.

4.Genuine: the organization has to believe the idea - truly

5.Fresh: the point of view doesn’t need to be original and new. It simply needs to be framed and expressed in a new way.

6.Connects the dots: - should connect to the business vision or strategy

7.Memorable: it sticks in a persons head, is easy to remember. The view should be simple and straightforward in concept and words.

8.: to be easy for the public to talk about it in their own words

9.Leggy: the idea resonate with multiple audiences, through multiple communication channels. The more legs a point of view has, the more you can build marketing and sales programs around it.

10.Likeable: do people like talking about your point of view? Is it so inspiring, provocative, brave or bold that they naturally jump into conversations about it?

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