miercuri, 26 august 2009

Rata de Click pentru newsletters

21% dintre cei care primesc un newsletter - chiar il deschid.
39% dintre cei care deschid newsletter-ul dau click pe link-uri

doar 8% dintre cei care primesc un newsletter - urmeaza link-urile din newsletter.

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marți, 18 august 2009

Google Caffeine

Google tests a more powerful version of search engine technology.

Will be seen improvements in:

Size and Indexing Speed: increase the number of websites shown and google will index them faster;

Accuracy: the best sites will be the ones that can correctly match up the searcher's keywords with the content they were actually looking for. It will no longer be enough to focus on the keywords alone, but on actually making your content relevant to what those searchers want.

Comprehensiveness: the sites that really to a great job in covering the selected niche.

duminică, 16 august 2009

SEO vs. Pay Per Click

Puncte tari si slabe ale ambelor metode folosite in publicitatea online.
In cazul SEO - masurarea se face prin indicatori calitativi. PPC ofera rezultate imediate prin traficul inregistrat.

mai multe aici: www.seotrafficspider.com